Workskills is a not-for-profit organisation providing a no cost recruitment solution to meet your staffing needs. As a Disability Employment Service we help hundreds of people with disability to find employment so it makes sense that we may be able to assist you to find your next best employee.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to providing employment assistance, but you can generally expect some or all of the following:

  • Local Consultants who will get to know your business and will be responsive to your needs
  • Sourcing and screening candidates based on your requirements
  • Unpaid work Experience opportunities to see if the person can do the job and fit into your workplace
  • Ongoing support for you and your new employee for as long as you need
  • Financial Incentives to offset the cost of a new hire
  • Organise free workplace modifications and equipment
  • Organise free disability awareness training for you and your staff

We’d love to help you so please contact us via our general enquiries form or call 1300 DISABILITY.

Existing Employee Assistance

Assistance is also available through our WORK ASSIST program for current employees experiencing difficulty because of their disability. We can provide advice and help you and your employee to access a range of free workplace aids and equipment to help them retain their employment.

Employment Assistance Fund

The EAF gives financial help to eligible people with disability and mental health condition and employers to buy work related modifications and services. Workskills can help arrange a free Workplace Assessment to help work out what modifications will help the employee to do their job.

The EAF could help to buy work related modifications and services like:

  • The cost of making adjustments to your physical workplace
  • Modifications to work vehicles
  • Special equipment for the workplace
  • Information and communication devices
  • Auslan interpreting
  • Specialist services for employees with specific learning disorders and mental health conditions
  • Disability awareness training
  • Deafness awareness training
  • Mental health first aid training