Job Seekers

Finding a Job

There is no “one size fits all” approach to providing employment assistance, but you can generally expect some or all of the following:
  • Genuine interest and commitment in getting to know you and your potential
  • Establish employment goals to find work in your preferred occupation/s
  • Develop customized resumes and job applications
  • Job interview practice
  • Access education & training qualifications
  • Obtain work experiences and on the job training
  • Access health services
  • Purchase work clothes and equipment
  • Support to implement reasonable adjustments in the workplace

At Workskills we understand that our clients often have complex lives and face additional challenges in finding work. We have over 25 years working with job seekers who are school leavers, parents returning to work, people from diverse backgrounds and people living with mental health issues.

We encourage you to call any Workskills office or register your interest now.

Ongoing Support

After being placed into employment we will negotiate the best ongoing support options to help you maintain your employment. Sometimes regular phone contact may be enough, but other supports we can provide are listed below:
  • Active direct support and training on the job to facilitate learning of job tasks
  • Flexible off-site support solutions to help with non-work related issues that may affect your ability to keep your job such as housing, relationships, financial management, health etc.
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting issues that might affect your employment
  • Provide your new supervisor and co-workers education about disability and how best to support you in the workplace
  • Assist you with further training relevant to your job

There is no time limit on the support we can provide. We are there as long as you need us.

School Leavers

If you are currently at school, but know you will not be returning the following year, you can register with Workskills for assistance. We’ll work with you and your parents/carers to establish an employment plan to help you reach your employment goals.

Work Experience

For many of our job seekers who have been out of the workplace for quite some time or with limited work history, we find that work experience has very real benefits for them and employer. Work Experience can enhance your employment prospects and vocational skills and can also provide an opportunity to demonstrate your value to a prospective employer. In many cases, work experience leads to an offer of paid work.

Connecting with Employers

We know that networking is the single most effective means of finding a job, so once you’re job ready we will not only match you to job vacancies, we will promote you to local employers. Workskills has a great reputation for providing quality services, so we may find you a job within our existing networks, but if one is not available, then we’ll approach new employers who could offer you a job. Importantly, we’ll be looking for employment which utilizes your strengths and can increase your confidence and independence.

Mental Health

We have extensive experience tailoring employment support for people living with mental illness. We know for people vulnerable to the onset or relapse of a mental illness, employment can be challenging which is why we work together with you and sometimes with other services to help you achieve your vocational and employment goals.

Disclosure of Disability

We recognise that clients differ in how they want to be supported by their employment consultant. Some clients are willing to disclose their disability to prospective employers and want their employment consultant involved in all aspects of work. Other clients prefer to keep their disability confidential and look to their employment consultant to provide “behind the scenes” support, but not to have direct contact with employers.

We’ll respect your preferences and provide the support you are comfortable with.

Employment Assistance Fund

Workskills can help people with disability and their employers to access FREE work related services and supports Employment Assistance Fund. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Modifications that may be needed to a workplace
  • Modifications to work vehicles and equipment,
  • Auslan interpreting services and
  • Specialised assistance for people with mental health conditions and specific learning disability.